My quilt from Enlightened Equipment has arrived!! I ordered the Prodigy X in 6' Slim in lime green color. It rated for 30 degrees. I'll be using this quilt the first weekend of October at 5,000 feet so I be pushing its limit. grin Here are the pics:

My shoe size is 9, just for reference.

Below is picture of zippered foot box and ways to clinch the quilt around you for when weather gets cold. There is another elastic strap further up.(both straps are removable for top quilt use in a hammock. It came with two set of straps for hammock and a larger one for sleep pad, least I why I think I received two sets in different sizes) There also a draw cord at the end to clinch around your shoulder. It also has loops to double as a under quilt for hammock.

I cannot wait until October. I will get to use it in September when I go on a mountain biking trip, but I won't push its temperature rating until October. It has a claimed weight of 27 ounce, but I don't have a scale on me at this moment to see how it came out.

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