Quite a bold statement that I'm sure you can verify with a cite, yes?

Aquamira crypto test for US-EPA certification

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Are aquamira drops sold at local store or mist they be purchased offline?

I've bought it over the counter in Washington state, but not in California. I don't think they wanted to pay for the Cal/EPA testing. The Pristine version might also be available, they're in Vancouver, CA. Same stuff.


Why does this canard continue to be perpetuated. As I stated above, I was always hearing before from others that it was just a bureaucratic issue about EPA registering and that it didnít mean much. So why did did they then obtain registration for their tablets, but not the drops? The drops donít meet EPA guidelines for killing all the nasties and, therefore, donít qualify as ďthe safest solution on the marketĒ as they promote for their tablets.

Aquamira Liquid is not intended for our needs as backpackers. I donít want backpackers out there using the liquid and having a false sense of security. A certain concentration level and contact time is needed. A weak mixture of chlorine dioxide just isnít going to kill the nasties and that is what AquaMira liquid is.