It is not an either/or situation. I don't hike in boots even on climbing trips because they are heavy and clumsy. But, when it comes time for crampons or step-kicking, the boots come out. I don't hike in sandals either because I want my feet better protected than sandals will. I wear sandals a lot at home, I like the comfort. However, if there is any possibility of sticks or cactus spines I put on my shoes. My preference is to hike in trail running shoes. Other experienced hikers here like light boots, some prefer military footwear and a few like sandals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to what to wear when hiking.

And, to imply that some folks here are "stupid" because they wear something other than what you prefer is arrogant and condescending, at best. There is a lot more experience gathered here on this forum than you seem prepared to acknowledge
May I walk in beauty.