"Sarah Bishop was a skilled hiker who died while trying to ford the Sandy River when the river water level was unseasonably high back in August 2004.
Hikers unable to safely cross the Sandy River because of its water level may have to hike 2.7 miles north on the Pacific Crest Trail (formerly Bald Mountain Trail #784) to the Top Spur trailhead along Road 118 near Lolo Pass."

she died crossing a glacial stream in August!

I'm just saying that advising someone to cross a glacial creek in ill-fitting footwear is a BAD idea.
I fly fish in the pacific northwest and know a little bit about what happens when someone falls into cold fast moving water.

to safely walk in a stream you should have felt soled wading boots and waders w/ a belt and a wading staff isn't a bad idea either.

I'm familiar w/ the stretch of water where Sarah died. In August it is very unassuming. But it is glacial runoff and it is very cold even in August. You must be prepared for what you plan to encounter. If you plan to ford a glacial stream, be prepared to do more than walk across in heavy hiking boots that don't fit without socks and insoles and laces and whatever else you hope to keep dry.

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