I'll offer that you really want to get to know your water sources if possible.

Around here I don't treat my water very often. I use a Britta charcoal filter if it isn't pristine, and maybe boil it if I have any reason to suspect it's tainted.

I've also began to take a "Lifestraw" with me in case boiling isn't a good option. The Lifestraw is great for drinking water, it will remove darn near anything bad for you, and the charcoal filter plus boiling will purify any water you come across. That's a pretty light and inexpensive method.

The Chlorine Dioxide tablets are small and light enough to have a few on hand in my med kit, but right now I don't have any and I've never used them. They'er expensive, and I just don't need them here.

The real problem I have with Chlorine Dioxide is that it will certainly kill the good bacteria in your gut too, and that can increase your chances of getting sick. That's often the root cause of getting sick from untreated water.

In the past I've used iodine too, but after it set the required time I filtered it with a Britta Charcoal filter. That makes a big difference in how clear the water is and it removes the taste of the iodine. There may be some left over chemicals in the water doing that but I never got sick. I'd do the same if I were using the Chlorine Dioxide. It won't remove the chlorine, but it will reduce the taste of it by a lot so it does remove a lot of something.

If I knew I always had to use a treatment I'd buy a Sawyer Squeeze filter instead of what I'm using now, but I wouldn't use chemicals as my primary method. They're for emergencies only.


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