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So if a guy decided to go with a pop can stove of some sort what's the big difference in designs?

I've only used mine and another just like it, so I have limited experience. However, I have used it in below freezing temps and hot temps, in rain and dry weather, over several years. My stove is much like the one seen here: Section Hiker

It is not quite as fast as a pocket rocket (no hard data, sorry), but it provides a wider flame, which I like for doing some simple frying when necessary. It is surprisingly strong - I often put a full two liters of water in a large pot directly on the stove to cook. After four or five years of use, it has one small dent (from improper packing) that does not affect use. I don't use a windscreen with it, and it stays lit even in 20mph or so winds - though a windscreen would increase efficiency.

I think I will, however, be making one of those fancy feast stoves to compare it with, especially because it looks so easy.