I suggest that you heed the warnings about folks that obsess over stove design and efficiency. IMO the incremental efficiency gain isn't worth worrying about for most people.

I continue to recommend that folks try out Skurka's "Fancy Feast" stove, very clearly described here.

And here are instructions for how to make a windscreen for it.

Some folks find it difficult to do a good enough job of making a pressurized stove. The Fancy Feast stove is, in contrast, dead easy, anyone can get this right. It costs virtually nothing and is also pretty fast to make.

So if you think an alcohol stove might be for you, give this a try. Then if you end up doing a LOT of backpacking and think you might want something just a *little* better (and I think that's about all you can do with alcohol as your fuel, just a little better), then I'd consider stepping up to one of the caldera cone variants. Maybe there's something yet better out there by now, and certainly the afficionados will argue about which stove is best given different criteria. But for someone who just wants to backpack, Fancy Feast is IMO just great, with the caveat that you need some sort of cook pot with a large enough base diameter to cover the cat food can well. I think that for most people, that's also not a problem, but some small capacity mugs might be sub-optimal.
Brian Lewis