This month I wore a pair of running shoes while out on the trail and received a lot of concerned looks by the hiking community. Why did I wear them? Well, I have an expensive pair of heavy asolo hiking boots that keep my feet warm and moist which is a perfect recipe for blisters unless time is spent with boots off to allow for feet to dry out. I bought my running shoes on sale for $90.00 and put a little over 300 trail miles on them so far this month. My pack never weighed over 32 lbs and I strictly used them for trail use only (off-trail I strictly recommend hiking boots). Granted, I did prance and frolic through a few wet spots out there but well worth it. My feet stayed completely dry and I received zero blisters. When my feet did get wet, they would dry out quickly. If they didn't dry out fast enough, a dry change of socks fixed the problem (I always carry two pairs of socks like most should). Lastly, I did pair these running shoes with "super feet" insoles because I have flat feet, not sure if made any difference in durability. Lastly, think about all that extra energy burned on lifting up that heavy boot over miles and miles of terrain vs. lifting up the light running shoe.