I am an aspiring long-term backpacker and currently an avid hiker. I tend to go on my hikes with at least one person as of now given my fear of some sort of attack.

I currently live in Utah(beautiful place!) and my hiking primarily consists of driving to a National or State forest boundary (usually lower elevation Uinta's, not quite to the Ashley national forest) and just hiking in, in that i do not follow trails and sometimes end up in somewhat dense areas.

Sometimes i wish to go hiking by myself simply for the solitude, but I am severely inhibited by my fear of predatory creatures. I have done reading and am aware of the incredibly low odds of being attacked and killed, but when it comes to hiking off-trail by myself, how viable is the fear of being attacked and killed? this includes bears, cougars, feral dogs, wolves, etc.

Anyone else have had this issue before? any tips or food for thought, or simply logical reassurance? precautionary measures you'd suggest? thanks!