I do not worry at night. I stick in my ear plugs, and sleep. If a bear gets my food, so be it. I have never had a Ursack failure. I have never had a hanging bag failure. I even put out a half full tuna can in Yosemite, above Little Yosemite Valley, and no bear even touched it. Years ago I stuck breakfast food inside a dirty sock. A bear chewed up my toothpaste but left the sock alone. And if it does happen, I have done two 4-day 50-mile survival walk-outs and know I can walk out without food. If I am on a longer trip, where I can really fill the bear can, I usually take the bear can. But for a 2-3 day trip, unless absolutely required, I take the Ursack. I have found the best way to avoid bears is to avoid established campsites along trails.