Aha, I think we may have an answer to your sleeping bag issue! Synthetic insulation deteriorates in a few years because it loses a little loft every time it's compressed. I'll bet that's what's happening with yours! Generally the average life of a synthetic sleeping bag is about 5-6 years. You might want to start saving up for a high quality down bag. Yes, down bags cost a lot, but, properly cared for, they last far longer! Cost per year of life for high quality down is the same or less as for synthetic. Down is a lot lighter and compresses more without hurting it as long as you are careful to fluff it up for storage.

It does help to exercise vigorously just before retiring to get your metabolism going. That way you generate enough body heat to warm up the sleeping bag quickly when you get inside.

The incident I described about shivering through the night was on a regular NeoAir--I returned it to REI right after that trip. Unless yours is one of those new All Season ones, that also at least partly explains your being cold! My current pad is an R5 rated insulated pad from the late, lamented KookaBay (no longer available). If it gives out, I'll probably look at the Exped UL7 Downmat. I won't even consider a pad with an R rating of less than 5 any more! Sometimes comfort is more important than weight!

Be sure to check the directions on the Ursack website about pulling the closure really tight (it takes some work!) and putting a knot there. That will keep the rodents out. And practice the figure 8 knot to tie it around the tree.

I hope you have a really good time on your trip!

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