It is the same bag I used in Yosemite with you a couple of years ago and it worked out temperature wise perfect - "North Face Snowshoe Sleeping Bag: 0 Degree Climashield Prism" - I've been really careful about storing it too. It is possible that they over-rated it though. I will try your brisk walk idea and adding the layers after warming up the bag (I'll briskly walk while eating my fatty bedtime snack and drinking some water to make sure I'm fully hydrated - should have all my bases covered!)

I'm not freezing at frost temps - I'm just about perfect at that temp, it is just if it gets any colder. At frost temps I do have the draft guard firmly in place and the hood up tightly. One idea someone brought up at work, is I usually hike until I'm exhausted or it is dark (and here in Alaska that means until I'm exhausted) and that the exhaustion could be contributing to my coldness.

I have upgraded since that trip on my sleeping pad - I now have a shorty Therm-a-Rest NeoAir Mattress. I have noticed the hip pain has been reduced since I've gotten the new sleeping pad.

I'm wishy-washy on the URSack only because I hate to borrow equipment - as of this moment I'm thinking I'll take it to save the weight.