I sleep REALLY cold - so my 0 degree bag is okay at frost temps for me (which is why I have thermal bottoms to sleep in.) I also learned that part of my hip pain is caused by being too cold when I'm sleeping (I had this happen this winter at home on a new mattress - husband moved the fan and it was going right through my blanket and I had the same exact hip pain that I have while camping.)

Brand new pack (well used twice) - the lighter packs just didn't fit me, I really wanted them to, but it came down to fit mad

The tent, well I want a Light-heart Duo... but I haven't gotten it past the other half yet. Next year though!

I have several sizes of dry bags and will check them out tonight. I haven't been able to find the unscented compactor bags locally.

And while I don't want to give out my exact dates, due to security reasons, this trip is fairly soon.

I'm taking tiny containers of my toiletry items, though I may have filled said containers - will double check that! I also think re-packaging my food will help (I have a mix of freeze-dried and my own home made stuff.)

I appreciate all the help!

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Edit Reason: actually not cold at frost, but I wouldn't want to do any colder without warm clothing - :)