I recently found this at REI, and based on Colin Fletcher's raves about it, decided to try it (I've tried Carnation, but it doesn't really work that well; it just "curdles" when hot water hits it.) I would intend to use it add to oatmeal, repackaging it at home. I make my own mix, with powdered vanilla, dried fruit, nuts, (cherry pecan, yum!) and sometimes a teaspoon of brown sugar. I have two questions:

1. The only mixing instructions are for making the whole package at once. Clearly, I don't need a quart of milk for half a cup of oatmeal. Does anyone know what the mixing equivalent is for smaller amounts (for example, x tablespoons of powder plus 4 ounces of water makes half a cup of milk)? Or do I just add a couple of tablespoons to my dry ingredients, and add hot water until I reach the desired consistency?

2. Does anyone know what the shelf life of an opened container of powder is? Clearly, I won't need the whole bag for one helping of oatmeal. If I store the rest in a sealed plastic container, how long will it keep? Do I need to refrigerate or freeze it, or is shelf storage adequate?

Yes, I know the little packs of Quaker Instant are easier. But, I like the flavor, variety, and the ability to control the additives when I make my own.

Any help is appreciated.