Hello everybody! I am a 32 year old female, new to backpacking. I've done car camping, and as fun as that is, I feel like it's cheating...with the blow-up air mattress and car chargers and whatnot.

This summer I am going backpacking in the Arctic Circle. Temps at night will get down to the forties (fahrenheit) at night is what I am finding. I have been doing some research on bags and I have came up with two that I can't decide between, so maybe you experts can help: Big Agnes Fria (womens, regular, fits up to 5'10" which I am 5'10") and Kelty Cosmic Down 20 (unisex, regular).

I need: lightweight (obviously), small pack size, long enough (I'm 5'10", not skinny/not fat, big boobs unfortunately), and inexpensive...(so, the holy grail). I am a side sleeper so that is what is holding me back from purchasing the BA, since that one just has the sleeve to put a sleeping mat inside instead of having underside insulation. Looking at spending <$130, which I can find both for under that price.

Please help me decide which one to get, and if I am completely overlooking another bag please let me know! Thank you smile