I tilled in some compost and ecomin rock dust a few weeks ago. I sprinkled some organic sulfur a few days ago (should've done that sooner), and bought my started plants today. I still have some onions and cabbage from the winter garden in the ground. They're taking a little long to get harvest ready. Not that I'm in a rush.

I made an effort to arrange them for efficient weeding with a hoe and watering with a sprinkler. We'll see how well I did as the summer progresses. It's my first crack at squash and bell peppers. I'm doing a whole section of hot peppers as my stash of homemade hot sauce is dangerously low. I also have one tomato plant on the porch.

I am also trying for the first time a ghost pepper. The young man at the nursery said it's even hotter than the Caribbean Habenero, which has billed itself as the world's hottest. Big fun. laugh I also have 8 cayenne, 4 jalapeno, and 4 sweet banana. Sweet banana peppers give hot sauce a really good flavor in my opinion. Seeing that I am the primary consumer of my hot sauce, my opinion matters smirk.

I also discovered a MiracleGro Sprinkles I hadn't seen before. It has sulfur and calcium. I read somewhere that vegetables like a slightly acidic soil. My soil leans towards neutral and I understand a little sulfur can help with that. We'll see.

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