I have a pair of eVent shortie gaiters from Mountain Laurel Designs. They are great in that (unless in deep mud or deep snow) they stay put without using the cord under the shoe (always the first item to wear out). However, they're too expensive to wear full time just to keep pebbles and other gunk out of my shoes, to keep ticks from crawling up under my pants legs in spring or to keep mosquitoes from biting through the tops of my socks. For this purpose I far prefer breathable (non-waterproof) nylon.

Simblissity LevaGaiters also fit well without the under-shoe cord, and, unlike Dirty Girl, don't need velcro (which I hate) to hold them on. However, the one-person business has been overwhelmed with orders so is currently out of stock while he searches for an outside sewing source. Do note that both these and Dirty Girl gaiters are made from breathable nylon so are not waterproof.

On the other hand, Dirty Girl has a lot of wild and crazy fabric patterns, if you're into such things.

Do note that none of the above shortie gaiters have zippers, so you need to remember to put them on before you put your shoes on. Maybe someday I'll remember that when I'm still half asleep in the morning!

I do have a pair of knee-high waterproof gaiters--with zippers--from Outdoor Research, which I use in winter for deep snow.

I'm also not sure that the savings are enough to consider making my own!

May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view--E. Abbey