This isn't really lightweight, but it is fun. smile A little while ago, I wanted to make my dad a knife. I am not as good as a lot of people here. I bought the blade from ragweed forge. I am of Norwegian decent, so wanted to get something from that area. When I bought the blade, I went ahead and bought 2. I finished my dad's last year for Father's Day, but forgot to take pictures of it before I gave it to him. I finally finished the second blade. I like the thickness, and the rough look. The metal front is brass. The wood is not known. I am friends with the local high school shop teacher. I asked him for scrap hard wood. He gave me a bunch of stuff out of the back of his truck. There are three different woods, one is doubled. The back is some dark african wood. Great wood for free though. The brass was scrap from work. I used linseed oil on the handle. The sheath is tool leather, and coated with snoseal. I used a heat gun to melt in the snoseal. The stitching is imitation sinew. I put a little decorative weave in the back stitching.

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