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I plan to use a 1/4" loop and put a small elastic loop through the tape loop, then the stake will go through the elastic loop instead of the tape loop. The loops should be short enough that I can pitch very close to the ground, but I won't have to twist the loops like Al.

FWIW, I didn't find the twisting to be an issue. I did my LDPE tarp that way. 1/4" wide may be a bit thin though, depending on what tape are you using. Using a thicker cord should help.

Visually, I like the tape loops better, and Al made a good point about the soft tape loops packing better than a tarp with hard objects attached.

I haven't found that to be an issue at all. I have always left my triptease guylines attached and had mesh with a zipper, too. May not have been as neat a roll as without those but worked perfectly fine. I also think the washers inside the tape loops look more elegant (and they will last longer). smile

Incidentally, polycryo looks like a fantastic material for this purpose, but I chose metalized LDPE instead to help with thermal and condensation management. I'm building the tarp in such a way that I can pitch with the reflective side out in hot weather, and supposedly, vapor won't condense on the reflective surface.

I doubt it would condense on the top anyway, but people are only concerned if it condenses on the occupant side. I haven't gotten to test it much yet, but polycryo may ward off condensation as well. At first I thought it wouldn't but then I put my metalized LDPE next to my polycryo for 2 nights and they seemed pretty similar. The only reason I'd consider reflective side out would be during high sun (may be a bit cooler) or to signal aircraft.

Let us know how all your tests turn out.