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My tentative plan for stake loops is based largely on what Al Geist has done.
Don't recall that particular diagram from him, but it's close to what I do. I now prefer to use synthetic washers within the tape and only use shockcord on the corners. You can see pics of mine if you search BPL for polycryo tarps.

The diagram is mine, but it's very similar to the way Mr. Geist did it on his "18oz. two man shelter". The main difference is that he had a 1/2" loop (1" before folding) and put the stakes directly through the tape loop, twisting them 90 degrees to put them into the ground. I plan to use a 1/4" loop and put a small elastic loop through the tape loop, then the stake will go through the elastic loop instead of the tape loop. The loops should be short enough that I can pitch very close to the ground, but I won't have to twist the loops like Al.

Regarding the polycryo tarp thread, I've seen it. Visually, I like the tape loops better, and Al made a good point about the soft tape loops packing better than a tarp with hard objects attached. Incidentally, polycryo looks like a fantastic material for this purpose, but I chose metalized LDPE instead to help with thermal and condensation management. I'm building the tarp in such a way that I can pitch with the reflective side out in hot weather, and supposedly, vapor won't condense on the reflective surface.

EDIT: Of course, I know that condensation could still be an issue when the reflective side is out, but should be a real boon when it's pitched reflective side in.

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