As I noted in another thread, I have a Leatherman Wave multitool, but I decided it was a bit much to haul around backpacking. So, I bought a Leatherman Style PS instead.

It only weighs about 1.5 ounces and has all the tools I'm likely to need, short of a blade (for that I'll probably get one of the Mora of Sweden model knives, but I digress). To test it out, I've put my Wave up in a closet and have carried the Style exclusively for the past two weeks with great success. The tiny scissors are very sharp and work well. The combined flat/Philips screwdriver also works but is a bit thin. I could see it bending or breaking if trying to loosen a really tight screw or pry something. Hopefully that won't be an issue. The pliers also work very well and are fairly sturdy, but the tiny handle is a bit uncomfortable for anything but light pressure. Wrapping a bandana around it or using a glove should resolve the issue. The clip is secure, and I've used it to carry around on my key ring, which hangs on a belt loop via a carabiner instead of in my pocket (I can't stand bulk in my pockets), and I haven't worried about losing it.

Cost: $19.07

Running Total: $29.50