I currently own a Skeet Beeter Pro and I'm planning do some modifications. The hammock has a big bug net. You can tell in one of the pictures in the link above that it has two separate colors; it has a main fabric then another fabric that connects the bug net to the main fabric. I'm going to eliminate the 2nd fabric that connects the bug net to the main fabric. It'll get rid of the bug net and the hammock will only have one color. Then I will add a ridge line to the hammock and eventually a bug net similar to this . Or sew my own using new material and recycling the net from my hammock.

There is also new suspension rope being added as well. I can imagine the reduced fabric, no bug net, no zipper, and lighter rope will reduce the overall weight. There may be a project to reduce the width of the hammock. I haven't decided. The bug net is simply too big. It always dangling in my face. Then if I choose to take this hammock on a dayhike I can lounge by a water fall and relax or relax with a panoramic view without bug net obstruction. I'm hoping the reduced materials also reduce the volume enough I could take hammock with me even if I have the tent.

Am I crazy for doing this? Buying new materials for another hammock is not feasible at this time.

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