I was searching for a certain type of backpack and came across this forum. This actually looks like a perfect place for me.

I'm getting toward working entirely from my laptop, which means I won't be bound to one specific place. If I'm not bound to one place, I intend to go place to place to place for a while. I want to supply myself with gear that I'll need in my travels, gear that will be versatile and serve multiple purposes, gear that will be light and easy to carry, and gear that will include the technology I need/want (mainly laptop and tablet).

The item that is on my mind right now is a backpack. What I want is a large backpack that will hold my clothes and everything else I need, but will also have a detachable section that will be small enough to be a "carry on" item for airplanes but big enough to hold a laptop and tablet.

In my searches I found this:

but the detachable part doesn't seem to be large enough for my needs, and I'm not sure it would be suitable for a laptop and tablet anyway. That is the general idea I'm looking for, though. Do any of you have any suggestions?

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