My dad was an expert bass fisherman. I mean he was fanatical, and had it down to a science. He always knew the depth, ph of the water, the tint or stain, lake structure, seasonal habits, which color of the 5 or 10 same lures he had on hand....etc.

Me, I only went with him because I missed a lot of years with him while in the military, then as a civilian because of my employer's location. I think he sometimes didn't really appreciate my lack of sincerity as far as he did, in catching big bass, but he had a tremendous sense of humor, and he just let it ride, while I mostly just goofed off,and navigated the boat, but they were great and unforgetable times.

He was pure catch and release, any species. Me, I didn't keep bass, but fished for trout, crappie, catfish and other species for dinner.

I always chided him about not being sporting enough, with the chest full of lures, and 10 rod and reel combo's. I "dared" him to catch an 8lb or better on ultralight gear.

Sadly, the very last thing he gave me before he died was an ultralight rod and reel, in jest, mostly, for my "challenge". It's still in my storage room unused to this day.

I wonder if anyone uses these for backpacking. A 3.5 foot rod, and a reel that weighs ounces could be strapped to the side of the pack with no problems.

I'm hoping to do a 30 mile trip this spring, and thought about taking it with me, as the trail follow KY lake for the full length, and though I could possibly pull some crappie, or some big bluegill out in the evenings to supplement the dehydrated menu.

Have any of you used this type of set-up, with 2 - 4lb test line? Any succsess, or any reasons you wouldn't take this type of rig, would be appreciated.

J. laugh