No, I rarely make fires for LNT reasons.

Yeah, having a campfire has a lot to do with where you camp. You can have a fire here and LNT. The NFS does controlled burns every few years and it's really amazing how fast almost every trace is gone. I figured that since you're in the midwest you might have tried it out.

All you need is a small fire made with sticks, and that's easy to burn down to ash and scatter when you're done, then recover the spot with the same mulch you removed when preparing your spot and you've pretty much left no trace and what you have left will be untraceable after a rainstorm or two. You can't get away with that in most of the Sierras, but you can in the Ozarks.

You might want to try it in your backyard just for grins. If you make a clear plastic (visqueen) panel for the door, like your storm door, and pin the tarp down close to the ground it should work great as a "Super Shelter". I use bubble foil as a ground cloth in my campfire tent, but a heat sheet should work about as good.

I've been thinking of making one a lot like yours (I'm pretty sure I have watched your video before) because it's so much faster and easier to pitch, but the room in the Baker's Tent design is so sweet that I've not been impelled yet. (therein lies my real motivation for prodding you to try yours wink )

"You want to go where?"