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Are you going at a pretty typical time of year? I.e., late April start perhaps or thereabouts?


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Is it important to you that the gear last longer than a single thru-hike?

Hadn't thought about this too much. I guess I figure that in the places that I'm playing it safe/heavy/comfortable I will finish the trail with a better idea of what I can live without and would replace many of those items to further lighten my load. I wonder if I should try to transition to tarps before the trail to see if I can get the hang of it...

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Which variants on the zpacks tent (tarp) were you thinking of?

Specifically the Hexamid Solo Plus with Netting, not sure about the beak.

All shelters that I am considering have completely enclosed bug spaces. That is something that I cannot live without at this point in my backpacking career as I have personally experienced mosquito hell on a section of the PCT/TRT and understand how much sanity comes from an enclosed bug shelter.

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Another way of looking at this is --- assuming that this is your first long distance trip --- you can't really know how well you'll like it or if something unexpected will push you off the trail.

I read this last night, and it really steered me toward some sanity. I have been so caught up in counting ounces and lightening my load that I forget that this IS my first backpacking trip over 160 miles, and that I don't know for sure that something won't come up (family/injury/mental health/whatever).

While I know that getting under a 12# baseweight wouldn't be super difficult, I do know that it may be costly. I am also young and pretty strong so maybe I shouldn't be so concerned about the baseweight, and should instead be more rational.