So Texas has black bears coming up out of Mexico due to drought. I've been meaning to learn a bit about the precautions one must take to minimize the chances of having a bear decide to come up into your camp, especially when children are present.

Are the bear canisters for food just hard for them to get into or does it hide the smell of food as well? Is it still necessary to hoist it into a tree?

Do people put there other things such as tooth paste, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. in it with their food as well?

I'd be buying from REI as we recently bought a membership with them, but I don't see any sort of way to easily attach a rope (paracord) to the canister itself. A separate bag for it?

We have a nearly 4 yr old daughter who loves to camp with us. Any advice or things to be cautious about concerning her? I'm sure she'd greatly enjoy wearing bear bells! We'll eventually buy some bear spray.

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