Have been using a synthetic bag, but really want a down bag without the cost/limitations of the big brand names.

Purchased the bulk down for the project last year (2 lb. of 700FP from Downlite), but have been out of the country since then so haven't had time to finish. I will be able to spend a month or two home in the States around the holidays, so would like to finish my bag during that time if possible.

The difficulty I am having is in locating some materials. Can anyone help me find some options for purchasing the following in various colors:

- Dryloft (Outer Shell)
- High Quality Nylon Taffeta (Liner)

Then I was curious about another couple matters:

- Which baffle design is theoretically more effective/durable, offset sew-through baffles or the "walls" of netting described in the "Make Your Own Sleeping Bag" article?

- What are some more effective and/or durable alternatives to noseeum netting for separating the down baffles?

I am more interested in durability than weight (within reason) as this bag needs to be able to survive years of daily use in the wilderness (used with hammock), so any recommenations in that regard are welcome.

The help is greatly appreciated.