I just registered over here after hearing about TLB over at BPL. I don't consider myself "old" but rather I'm "well-aged" wink

I backpacked fairly extensively way back in the early 1970's, mostly out of Mineral King. Made multiple trips up and over Franklin Pass and over to the Big 5/Little 5 Lakes basins back then when I was "young". I then, unfortunately, took a long hiatus from hiking around the High Sierra - got busy raising a family.

Recently I got back into backpacking and now, at age 61, I'm looking forward to many more years of hiking around the High Sierra. I took the opportunity to upgrade all of my old equipment and now go fairly light, current base weight of 10lbs (or less if no bear canister is needed), which really helps this "well-aged" body get up into the high country.

Life is good. Eternal life is better!
Richard Cullip