Ok I "LOVE" food. I've choked back a few dehydrated creations sold at the box stores and have found only a handful of them actually enjoyable! And ill still pack these on longer trips!

But for the mostpart that's not my cup of tea. My wife says that I don't eat to live. I live to eat. Which usually results in my food bag being a pound or two heavier than most people I hike with. But they don't complain and neither do I!

Anyways there are plenty of great liteweight food blogs And Websites with great recipes.

Ive been toying around with making a series of youtube videos. Sharing some of my not so liteweight, gourmet cooking if you will!

Eventually I'd like to cover things like omlets,and trout on alcohol stoves.

Id like to demonstrate uses of different stoves and pots. For some solo and some group cooking.

Overall id really just like to help people realize they could eat good and relatively light. With trip to there local market "Not OutFitter" Without having to dehydrate or really prep anything at home!

I'm really just curios if anyone would be interested as I'd probably post them here!

Would you be interested?
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