J, No, you are right, a solid wall tent is warmer than mesh because it traps air better and still air is the goal. What I was trying to convey is that a winter tent is nothing more than a really strong tent because of its design. Not necessarily warmer, but a lot stronger.

For what you are doing, a 3 season tent would work fine. My tent is a convertible as I mentioned. What that means is that the body has some mesh panels, but those can also be closed with a flap that zips over the mesh, much like closing a window. My door is the same- a mesh "screen door" and a solid door. If you are not going to be out in extreme weather, almost anything will do. Some people here will recommend a tarp and bivy, which is a bit too minimalist for my taste, but I have slept out in just my light bivy over my bag on a really clear, still night. I used my shovel to dig a trench, laid my bag in it and slept soundly all night. Had it snowed, different story, which is why checking the weather is important.

fyi, no one knows everything, so no need to apologize when asking a question. I didn't know Jack about winter camping until I tried it a few years ago and am far from an expert. Others here have far more experience than I do, but I know what works for me, because I like the comfort of a tent. I camp alone mostly, so I find being inside my tent at night comforting, for lack of a better word. Even if it were to snow like crazy, I know I don't have a lot to worry about. So, it all comes down to style and comfort level and there is no one right answer. If there was. REI would the size of a 7/11, not an airplane hangar.

Here's a tent from REI that is reasonably priced and might fit the bill for you-
REI Cirque

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