Tom, thanks for your reply. I pretty much already knew that the tent, in and of itself wouldn't be "warmer". What I have, my 3 season, is mostly net, with a rain fly. Let me back up a second. I have very little experience in cold weather backpacking/camping. O.K., I was under the impression that the cold weather tents were mainly solid walled with little or no netting, and kept cold air, breezes out, much better than a three season. By all means, please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm allways open to education.

Like I said, the coldest that it'll get here would be around 10 degrees or so. Maybe much colder with windchill factor up to a (rare) maximum of 15 or 20 below (F).

So, if I understand both you and Glen, then a quality 3 season tent, with (I already have) an appropriate bag for those temperatures, that not doing extreme trips in extreme conditions, that I could get by with a 3 season quality tent?

Again, excuse my ignorance on the subject. Most (nearly all) of my experience has been in desert, warm woodland and jungle environments, with "cold" temps being maybe 30 to 35 degrees or so.

Thanks to you and Glen for the help and "education". Greatly appreciated.