As far as Kentucky and surrounding states, I've used, successfully, the MSR Hubba, MSR Carbon Reflex 1, and Big Agnes Copper Spur 1 in Ohio winters. I'd recommend any of them; the Carbon Reflex 1 is the lightest and most expensive, and my personal favorite. If you're headed to moderately heavier snowloads, I'd probably take the Hubba or Copper Spur 1. They don't necessarily have sturdier pole sets, but the poles have a Y on each end and an integrated (hubbed) cross pole at the top of the tent. I can't speak from my own experience, but I'm thinking that pole arrangement will do a better job of supporting and spreading a moderate snow load than the single-long-pole and non-integrated cross pole of the Carbon Reflex. The Carbon Reflex is a single arch, and gives no direct support to the corners of the tent.