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I would have to agree with organ mouse, I'm just off my forth trip with my big Agnes q-core and find it tough to get very comfortable. For one thing seems these inflatables make a ton of noise. Sounds like I'm on a balloon, squeaking, squaking, pinging noises that wake me every time I time I roll over. It seems very durable and fine for insulation value, just haven't slept well on it.

Some day I will get to the bottom of this sort of thing.

It happens that I am reviewing a Q Core at backpackgeartest.org. It makes no more noise than any other pad I've ever used. But I never ever inflate them to capacity. I do and always have tossed, turned, and walked (in my sleep) the pads I use around the tent, and frequently wake with my face in mesh. And yet, as with the NeoAir (original, which multitudes complained about as "crinkly"), I have noticed nothing loud or unusual about it.

The Q Core is hands down the comfiest I have ever used. The NeoAir is my light and tiny-packing pad - but it may find a home in my SAR pack for good.
after reading your review on your site (today.....) I inflated my pad and then deflated lower than I used this weekend as you stated it felt much better. I do admit to starting with it medium inflation but was worried about temps dropping and ending up hips on the ground. I should have left it alone as it didn't lose a drop of air. Next few trips will tell I guess.

I didn't get the neo as inflated at the store sounded like tyvek in a heavy wind.(imagine a grocery bag being crumbled and mashed 2" from your ear.) funny thing is normaly I'm a good sleeper, ccf pads work fine for me, getting a bit older I felt the need to increase comfort a bit but have yet to be satisfied. What a whip I've become! Might go back to my old pos pad I've has for 25 years.
The wind wont howl if the wind don't break.