Don't forget Exped. You can get their UL 7 Synmat or UL 7 Downmat for about a pound. If my wonderful 3 1/2 inch thick pad from the late lamented Kooka Bay gives up the ghost, I'll be looking at the UL7 Downmat. I had horrible results from the NeoAir--I couldn't get comfortable on the horizontal baffles and every time I turned over I rolled off it. This won't happen on the Exped mats because the outside (vertical) baffles are very slightly larger.

From my reading about the NeoAir, either you love it or you hate it. For me, it's the latter. Your Mileage May Vary! I suggest at least a night's trial on the floor at home first!

I carry a 1/8" CCF pad to put under my insulated air pad. Yes, it adds a couple of ounces more weight, but it provides a little extra insulation, can double as a sit pad, protects the air pad from underneath and really helps with the slip-and-slide situation on silnylon floors.

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