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Another vote for NeoAir - the all-season is a higher R-factor (I've used it around thirty degrees, and could feel warmth radiating back up to me) and seems quite sturdy. I'm trying out the XTherm this year, but haven't used it yet. (Tomorrow, yes.)

Glen, I just tried my new Thermorest Trail Lite, and it was a complete bust. I wrote about it in a short gear review, but basically it was just $80.00 right down the drain, in my opinion. I was looking at the Neo Air 72 in inflatible, and it looks pretty comfortable. I think I read where a long time member here, Lori, I think, uses inflatibles, and hasn't had much problems with leaking. I see them priced all over the place from $139 to $160. I wanted to get your thoughts on their durability. Some reviews I read using various search engines were all over the place. Most said they were very comfortable, but there was quite a bit of disparity when it came to them leaking air.

Can you elaborate on your experience with them a little more? I really don't want to throw another 130 dollars or more away.

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