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From the best I could tell with a wind screen, it appears to be coming up through the holes instead of the edges. I'll do it again tonight in the dark if it not pouring down raining. I'll work on a pot support design soon.

I think the heat may have help self sealed it?? Is that possible? lol.

As for color, Sodium Chloride (table salt) should cause your alcohol to burn yellow. I'm not sure at what concentrate, because I'm not sure what amounts that you are working with.

Try about a teaspoon or so to about 6 fluid ounces of alcohol, and adjust up or down from there. There are other easily obtainable, but not Walmart attainable, chemicals which can be used to color alcohol flame also. I know some race cars burn alcohol, and chemicals are added so emergency personnel can "see" when and where fires are burning in the event of a crash, but I'm not sure what they are. Mostly chloride compounds.
But I know salt will work. I'm sure this is obvious but use NaCl, normal table salt, not sea salt, or other modified "salt" substitutes. Let me know how it worked out for you.