I was bored last night as I emptied a couple cans and decided to make an alcohol stove. I went to Lowes this morning and got some denatured alcohol, but didn't get to fully test due to rain. The flame was also too clear to see how well sealed my fuel cup and burner were. I heard table salt added to the alcohol will cause a visible flame. Is there a general rule to doing this? Pour some salt into the bottle of alcohol then pour into stove and light?

I need test whether or not my seal is good, if it bad it going be burning out the cracks instead of the jets. I'm already guessing I'm going have to make a few more until I get perfect cuts! Also, I'm make a separate pot support for it, I'm not going lay any pot onto the can. Constructive criticism is welcome. smile

P.S. It's a penny stove, I put a penny over the three holes in middle then pour alcohol onto it and let it overflow into the jets then light. I borrowed the specs from here

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