I recently purchased a quilt and I am very happy with the purchase so I thought I'd give some feedback and share some pictures.

The quilt is the Relevation X which can be viewed here: Enlightened Equipment

For the record I have no affiliation with EE, I did contact them as well as JRB with some questions, and also looked at the Golite quilts before I decided on the EE quilt.

Anyways, my quilt is the 30F,long/wide version. I believe it was $195 shipped and took about 3 weeks from when I ordered it until it showed up at my door.

The quilt is very well made, I was very impressed with the detail work because as far as I understand things, the guy that runs the EE website, answers questions, etc is also the guy who sews the quilt. The quality is on par with if not better than any factory made piece.

The colors are olive brown outside and orange inside. The weight on my cheap scale, inside a 11 liter compression sack, was 1.4lbs.

If you have any questions please let me know!

PS the quilt would compress alot smaller I just don't want to crush the down.