I agree, Lori, that little red case is a giant waste of plastic. If they hadn't put that sprue hole in the bottom, it might have been usable as a cup or even a measuring cup. (My one complaint about the Titan Kettle is that it doesn't have measuring marks.) As it is, it's not usable for anything. I don't know where mine is, either. I always just wrap the stove in a small towel and store it inside the kettle, with the fuel cylinder on top of the kettle (an MSR cylinder fits nicely into the grooves in the lid), and the titan spoon goes, bowl down, inside the kettle with the handle sticking out the spout. The whole neat package goes in a small stuff sack. Not that I'm obsessive, or anything. smile

The MicroRocket case is better: no sprue hole. But it's still not worth carrying; too small for a decent cup, and my Nalgene bottle has measuring marks.