Hey no sweat here. I'm grateful for "all" opinions, thoughts, antidotes, asides, salacious quips, should'as, could'as, would'as, and I certainly find the information very helpful to get us to our goal.
I've assembled an aluminum can stove, as per my favorite how to meme; YouTube, and it burns alcohol - more or less as I'm told they do. Can't beat it for cost, at 5 cent deposit here I'm into this for a dime plus my time. They do weigh next to nothing. I'm of the opinion right now, after having assembled this one, that there's no point in the thing even having jet holes. Seems to me you may as well pour an ounce or two of alcohol into an open can cut in half and light it up. Then again I'm not a jet propulsion engineer and perhaps there's an efficiency that is realized with the jets, granting longer burn times for less fuel, or even greater British thermal units dispersed over wider nucleation points. Truth be told I'm just an older fellow who wants to go for a long walk with my wife, and I want hot chow twice a day, and a coffee, blackly bitter, much like my thoughts when my feet hurt so good after clocking twenty miles down the trail!