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To share a different experience, I've used a Pocket Rocket ever since they came out, and have no complaints or bad experience. (It did fail to boil once, but in all fairness, it was on a push-the-gear-limits January trip, and zero degrees. smile ) A friend of mine has had equal success. In case locale and type of user might affect the results, I would point out that we are both strictly recreational, weekend hikers, who hike in the Eastern US forests, and use it to boil about 12 ounces of water for freezer bag meals, and maybe make a pot of coffee or tea.

I've also tried the Snow Peak Giga, but found I liked the Pocket Rocket better - as with many of my other gear decisions, it was more subjective than objective, as I never had any problems with the Giga, either.

And of course, I replaced the deficient PR with a Giga, which has been a much more efficient and stable stove for three years of loaning, burning, and SARing - the prongs haven't bent or loosened, it hasn't been as tippy, the pot sits straight on those four prongs instead of being off kilter on two straight and one loose and slightly-warped thin little supports, and I have yet to bother taking the Giga in its original hard plastic case anywhere - in fact, I don't know where the case is. The PR would scratch the inside of any pot I put it in - if I could find a pot in my collection that it fit into. If I didn't put it in the heavy plastic case (that doubled its weight) I'd tear or scratch something in the pack. It put holes in the small microfiber sack I tried to use. As a solo hiker I kept wanting to take small two cup pots, narrower ones, that the PR just would not nest into if I also wanted to put the canister in. The Giga, on the other hand, fits into anything I want including the GSI Minimalist I use for SAR - with the pot, folding spoon, and silicon grip plus a mini bic lighter. And it doesn't have sharp edges, so doesn't do any damage.

Yep, it all depends on what you do and how you want to use it.

Out of this entire post, the most amazing thing I noticed is how you could feel the weight of the Pocket Rocket's plastic case versus without.

Edit: My apology to the original poster for being somewhat responsible for derailing this thread. grin

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