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And to come clean: I did get a MicroRocket this summer, and so far, so good. Stove and canister both fit into the Titan Kettle just fine. Only used it once, so far, so can't really comment on performance yet; it didn't seem any different in fair-weather use. The pot supports do seem better, though.

Depending on the pot, I can see how 4 supports instead of 3 would help. How do you like the Minimalist?

The Minimalist is pretty nice, though heavier than I wanted it to be - but durability is what I needed for SAR. (I am starting to duplicate basic items so the SAR pack can stay packed all the time. Continually switching gear around leads to leaving stuff behind.)

The handle on my beloved forty dollar titanium pot from REI is bent out of the sleeve and unsafe to pick up boiling water with - and of course, all they have now is nonstick. Leading to a recent purchase of a smaller Evernew uncoated pot for the leisure backpacking trips...

The MicroRocket looks like a big improvement - but of course, I don't really need to buy another stove. crazy (Or so I tell myself. We'll see...) One of my friends, a former Whisperlite devotee, got one for summer use - he really likes it. The pot supports look more durable and it folds a lot smaller.

One of the things I liked about the Giga is the windshield. Though it is another heavier-than-necessary item, I use the stainless steel original as a template to make light versions out of heavy foil.

I think my original intent was to point out that while making do with what the OP already has is perfectly acceptable and probably preferable while getting the initial planning and shakedown trips (hopefully there will be short trips to try out the gear and see what really does the job and what falls short?) under way, it would also be a mistake to assume that there aren't replacement items that are both light(er) and perfectly workable as well as economical. I brought up stoves as a perfect example. It's entirely possible to spend two bucks (on a can of Fancy Feast and an oven liner pan, from a dollar store) and have a stove that boils water in less than five minutes. And it weighs less than even the lightest of canister stoves. My cat can stove barely registers on a gram scale.
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