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Guitars and keyboards, that's an awesome story! Thanks for sharing your experiences. I love hearing about stuff like this because I never run into it.
How much extra fuel do you bring?

I only carry extra fuel when I am going with a group that includes backpacking newbies.

Last weekend I took a backpacking class out for a quick overnight and carried a large pot, remote canister stove, and two canisters for the group.

Otherwise, I estimate an ounce per meal of alcohol, and usually have a couple ounces left over. So for two days I take four ounces.

Alcohol stove makers:

Mini Bull Designs
White Box
Warbonnet Outdoors

The 12-10 stove plus a Caldera Cone is an awesome combo - boils two cups of water on less than an ounce of fuel.

I have a White Box, two of the Mini Bull stoves, a Featherfire, and a Caldera setup among my dozen stoves set by. The "bad" thing about alcohol stoves is that you can buy a dozen for about the same price as a single MSR stove, and carry three of them and still not end up with more than three ounces of stove. And still simmer AND boil for the trouble. I clocked the Featherfire stove at 45 minutes and counting on a simmer while steam baking muffins. Used about an ounce and a half to first boil and then bake.

zenstoves.net has more info on all kinds of stoves. Solid fuel is actually the lightest of the options available.

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