If you find that you don't have any interest in (or luck making) a can stove, but like the idea of alcohol stoves, look at the Trangia alcohol stoves. They're a bit heavy, but the Mini Trangia includes a pot, fry pan/lid, and pot lifter for 12 ounces total (REI has sells it; check their website.)

To go a little lighter, take a look at the Evernew offerings, made from titanium (you'll have to Google these; I'm not sure who carries them.) I'm not sure how well they work; I've not seen them in action or read any reviews of them.

A middle ground might be the various offerings from Clikstand (www.clikstand.com), which include some great windscreens. I have used a Trangia burner with a Clikstand base/windscreen, and both Evernew .9L and 1.3L pan. I can't remember the total weight for the combo; I want to say it's less than a pound, and the 1.3L pan would be all two people, cooking simply, would need. I was very impressed with the performance.

If I were to choose an alcohol stove setup, it might very well be one of the Clikstand products (maybe with an Evernew burner.) In the end, I chose the MicroRocket/Titan Kettle because...well, just because I liked it. It was a subjective, not objective, decision, probably based on a general preference for MSR gear.

I won't try to convince you an alcohol stove is a bad choice; it's not. (I don't think my original post indicated there was anything wrong with them; my only original point was that, if you really, really like your current stove, then use it for now and switch later.) If you've now determined that the kitchen is a good target for lightening up, then I'd definitely urge you to investigate some form of alcohol stove, whether homemade or manufactured.

Good luck!