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Hi Lori. Personal preference is funny, isn't it?

Not at all! It's hilarious. I'm thinking here of the guy with the keyboard who lugged it in and was happily playing, aka annoying other people camped around the hot spring... Or the guys with guitars I saw going .000002 miles per hour up switchbacks at Mineral King (high elevation, lots of UP).

Until I have to boil water for the dude with the piezo that stops working who didn't bring a lighter, or the dude with the white gas stove that worked for 30 years until our trip. Happens all the time. I seem to have new folks on every trip who learn the same thing.

Simple is simple - all stoves have their quirks. The fewer moving parts it has, the more I like it. I've learned to take extra fuel on our overnight trips. Just mentioning this since I know that it sucks to hike out to fix things...

It is of course what you want that counts. I note however that the white gas die-hards in my immediate acquaintance now use (without exception) a 3 oz stove instead of a 3 lb Whisperlite. Some things can be that simple. Sort of like how the bivy users I've hiked with now have nice light and roomy UL tents. Things have a way of evolving.
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