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It seems like various versions of what you are describing have been done by more than one company. I may be misunderstanding though. In any case, you might have a slightly better approach or some advantage.

Lori, any water testing lab should be able to test before filtering and after filtering water samples to evaluate the effectiveness of the system. Such tests should run less than $100, may be even less than $50 each. Discuss with the lab your objectives and they can help you select the right tests. Look in the yellow pages under "water testing" or "environmental labs".



And how much is it going to cost to re-develop when the first test fails, then the second, then the third, then the fourth, then they scrap that medium (whatever it is) for something else....

Do the labs have package deals?

How much research goes into the science - how to decide what medium to use? How to manufacture the first - tenth version without running out of money? raw materials costs?

What equipment do you need to make the demo models in the first place?

Or do you hire some existing water filter manufacturer to do it for you?

Hmmm.... Perhaps a wholesale order of some existing filter units starts to make sense, ala the ULA Amigo Pro, which used (when it was still being made) a Katadyn Hiker filter core.
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