So I recently returned from a well needed car camping trip. On lake Marion in SC with my wife, kids, father and step mother?

From the moment of arrival. I had the the feeling I was forgetting something! anyone who has ever been camping for any extended period of time probably knows this feeling quite well!

It took my father driving myself and my kids around in his john boat and finally his outboard motor crapping out, and me trolling the two of us 2+ miles back to camp before it hit me!

We still have four days of camping and fishing left and this boat is not ment for paddeling. " I FORGOT TO BUY THE CANOE I ALWAYS WANTED wink "

So long story sho0rt I'm looking for that canoe! Something that can fit us all on flat wAter with minimal gear. My wife and I for weekend trips. That is still capable of solo fishing !

There's a lot of boats out there. So far I'm looking ad mad rivers malecite, and wenonahs escapade . I'm in no hurry as ill probably wait till things warm back up mid spring next year before making a purchase!

But any advice would be a start. And ill update this thread as my research continues!

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