As I noted before, I only made it to Salt Fork. Started to notice that I seemed to be weak and unstable coming down the trail from White Rock. I had been very slow the day before, but I had road-walked in the sun and the forest service was burning the woods (mucho smoke drifting across the trail and then the road) and I attributed it to that. But next day I had no excuses so I turned back. Therefore, I don't really know anything about the really tough parts. What little I did was not too different from the AT except for fording waist deep a couple of times (and ankle deep another).

I usually hike alone, but not because I don't enjoy company. That was one of the joys of thru-hiking, so I'd love company on any section you'd like. I will send you an Itinerary when I get closer. My Granddaughter is close to graduation from UA-Little Rock, and she may want to hike a bit also...which would be a great joy.

I think I will probably try to fly in to Ft Smith this time, but no idea how I'll get out of Harrison (they don't even have buses anymore).

I'll keep you posted. But my pace may be too slow for you. Best, jcp