Anyone who can't fire up a 123 shouldn't own one. It ain't rocket science. I have a bunch of stoves, none of which weigh 3 pounds, so I don't know what Lori is talking about. My favorite until Coleman discontinued them was my Xtreme. Next is my Primus Micron, works down to about 15F at 7000 ft. Altitude and temperature affect canister stoves. For winter, I have an Optimus Nova, finicky and I don't really trust it, so I carry the Primus as backup. I have a 123 (older, not the R) and would take it for a group, but I haven't used it for years. I made a couple of alcohol stoves because, well, I could. Oh and I also have an MSR XGK, MSR's version of a liquid fuel rocket engine with pot supports. The good news-it will burn virtually any flammable liquid; the bad news-it has two settings-on and off, unless you really know how to fiddle with it.

As for what is the "best" stove, I have no idea.
Don't get me started, you know how I get.